Easiest way around

Get a ride in minutes at the comfort of your room or office. Spactras vehicle are available almost everywhere in your city. Check your fare estimation and know what you are expect to pay after the ride ends.

ETA means Estimated Time of Arrival. right on the app using your mobile phone, you know you’re your driver should arrive at your location and when you are to arrive at your destination.

Just as simple as that.


Anywhere, anytime

Wherever you may be, or anywhere you are going, you don’t need to worry your mind about getting to the destination, Your driver is beside you at the open of your smart phone, Get your rides anytime to anywhere from your palm using your smartphone.


Cheaper And Affordable

Comparing ride fares around your city, Spactras offer the cheapest fare rates ever.

Your Security is our concern:

All rides are closely monitored. All rides are insured with a liability worth up to $2,000,000 per occurrence in case of any incidents where is damage to vehicle or any fractions (God forbid) You are fully covered with our extended insurance coverage.

Pricing Get a fare estimate

Drive when you want Make what you need

Driving with Spactras is flexible and rewarding, helping drivers
meet their career and financial goals.

At the wheelMeet our drivers

Unlocking cities Imagine a world with fewer, fuller cars

In the plan to reach all people and to ease the transportation systems through the city using the modern technologies, Spactras is always planning to Unlock cities around the world, and make services available to all users and make everywhere we are a lively place to be Keep yourself updated about news in our forum.